Your reading companion

Markee is a simple app that wants to help you to keep track of your reading progress on your physical books. Add your books, create book-specific notes, or to keep quotes in one place. Forget your bookmarks.


100% Offline

Markee does not rely on an active internet connect. Everything will be stored on your device.


Add notes to your saved books. E.g.: quotes in a biography or interesting insights from a non-fiction book

Sync your data via QR

You can use Markee on multiple devices, therefore you probably want to sync your data. You can easily scan the QR code on the book's detail page to synchronize your progress and notes.

Data & Security

The app doesn't collect nor store any of your data on servers. You own 100% of your data, everything is going be stored on your device. No sign-up, no account, just you and your books.

Used technology

Based on my experience with the SWR package, I think it would be my go-to approach when working with RESTful APIs in React. That said, I don't think I would switch from Apollo if my data were coming from GraphQL. Apollo provides a lot of nice utilities specific to GraphQL that you wouldn't get with SWR, which admittedly is a lower-level tool that you could build on top of.

Have a look at Markee on Google Play